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Thomas Demand. Room (Zimmer). 1996

“body massage” personal massage vibrator (Windmere)

I had not had sex in a long time and I didn’t know how to masturbate because I’m Catholic and you just don’t do that. I was in graduate school and I really wanted to have an orgasm but I wasn’t seeing anyone...so I decided…this was in the early 80’s… to go to a sex store and buy a vibrator. Oh my God, this is the Wild West, small town...I parked five blocks away so no one from school would see me and I went in very quietly... and picked one out and asked the manager if this was a quiet vibrator because I had a roommate at the time...there were all these grizzled kind of cowboys around looking at sex magazines...and the manager yells really loud, “Hey Mike! Is this the quiet one – the quiet vibrator? Or is it the other one?”

God! All the cowboys turned around and I am standing there holding this very vibrator. So much for parking five blocks away! He was so loud I thought they could hear him all the way to school! But, it was worth it!

Of course, I stopped shopping and just went home with it. And it was the first time I ever tried to masturbate with a toy...and ta da! It worked! I came 28 times in two hours...I am not kidding...I thought I might die from pleasure...but I didn’t die.

In fact, I graduated!

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