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Thomas Demand. Room (Zimmer). 1996

Polaroid of Hands

Whenever I have an orgasm with my husband I am singing my favorite song in my mind, “Fly me to the moon and …let me live among stars…wonder what it’s like to live on Jupiter and Mars?”

I tell him that I’m his sex slave…and he chuckles…we’re always amazed by the experience/the sensations we both feel. We touch a great deal…during the other times…patting each other’s bottoms, hugging and more intimate touching. We laugh and kid around so our sex together is a culmination of loving and liking and companionship as well as passion. This has been true for 29 years.

I think my husband is proud and happy about giving me pleasure and he enjoys his own more because it’s shared.

I’m 72 and I can’t imagine a woman never experiencing orgasm

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