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Thomas Demand. Room (Zimmer). 1996

Excerpt from The Big O Collection
LaVerne, California
March 2005

MORGASM – The Museum of Radical Gender and Sex Matrix – is a consortium devoted to the exploration of the millennium shift in the dominant paradigm. The purpose for which this museum exists is to preserve, display, and interpret items from the various collections, which make up the consortium. MORGASM operates under a “living collections” policy – in which the collections’ holdings are used and viewed within the communities which MORGASM serves.

MORGASM is committed to a nomadic manifestation of collection and display. We are committed to installation and performance-based art exhibition. The field for which the museum claims responsibility is the field of ethnographic testimony. We present that testimony – both story and artifact – in re-visioned ways, which we hope will re-frame the gaze of the museum visitor. We are deeply committed to the disciplines of ethnography, anthropology, and sociology and its related fields.

There is so much unexplored about women’s bodies. For instance, the clitoris is said to be the only organ in all living species which has no function. Yet that is theologically and scientifically impossible. What is possible is that we don't know the function of the clitoris yet. We don't know the function of "pleasure" in a woman's body. There is some research in Hindu and Buddhist tantric practice that tantrikas, practitioners of the eastern sexual praxis of tantra, do not experience menopause symptoms that we consider inevitable in the west.

The Big O is a collection dedicated to non-orgasmic women with the hope to pave the way for their journey to the sacred site of female orgasm!

All installations by Marie Cartier, Chief Curator, actual artifacts used with the permission of MORGASM.

All photos by K. Esslinger 2005 unless otherwise noted.