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Thomas Demand. Room (Zimmer). 1996

three black and white collector advertising cards and one picture card from ASLAN Leather

This is my shop and I made these cards on my computer at home...this is a picture for instance of “my boi” who loves to fuck me and we love to fuck! And guess what – we won the ejaculation contest… last year at the Festival for Women…

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is my favorite dress…no I can’t give up the dress…hmm...at home I’ve had many orgasms…I love to fuck and I’m a big fister

and I love to ejaculate…I sure do! When we won the ejaculation contest…I won because I’m a huge squirter…I can squirt seven feet…I can hit the fridge from the couch...and I’m just a huge squirter. I love to fuck!

I can’t believe people think that women can’t ejaculate! You just need to get fucked good, and I love to get fucked. I love to get fucked and I have the perfect boi to do it…yummy.

So, yes, these cards have seen it all!

Like my advertising says, “leave your inhibitions behind.”

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